Claire Jungah Seo

Dreaming of a natural dining table full of gratitude

After thinking over and over of how I can make the most delicious and healthy food in the world in the simplest way, these recipes were the answer I found. 

I remember when I was young, the simple and warm moments, sitting around a small table full of food my mother made. I wish that, for anyone that visits my recipes, will revive their own happy memories of their dining table.

I would like to tell you, living in a world where getting a simple meal is so easy, that we should push aside all the busy lives we have and just relax as we experience the real freshness these food can give us. 

A healthy meal I make is a wonderful tool to keep me and my family alive; give warm comfort to those who are tired of eating alone, give courage for those who are weakened by their health, and give a change for friends far away to gather and talk all night long.

I hope this recipes will help you find your steps to a journey for your healthier and happier life.

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